Thursday, May 7, 2009

Condolence Messages

I just heard the news. I am so sorry, so so sorry! I just can't seem to write anything. It is so unbelievable. It seems so unreal, so hard to accept. I keep seeing his face, smiling and saying that he hates Indian food. I am so sorry uncle.......May God give you the strength to be with each other through this trying time. Take care
Mini & Rashid, New Delhi

I have received the sad news this morning as I opened my e-mail. I am very much saddened and sorrowful to hear about the sudden demise of Vineeth. My heartfelt condolence and prayers are with you and Lizzy and may the Good Lord Comfort you at this difficult time. I am planning to attend the memorial service as soon as I get the details. My Prayers are with your family,
Alex Alexander, Dallas

I do not know what to tell you. No amount of condolence and no words of comfort will ease your agony. Being in Kerala, how is Lissy going to handle this? One thing I know is that only our good Lord can give you some answers and peace. Our prayers are there to give the strength you need to go through the most difficult situation parents have to go through. John, I do not have the courage to call you and speak to you. And remember, as always been, I am only a phone call away. You surely can count on me. "God giveth and God taketh".
Paulose and Molly, Dallas

We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Vineeth. I know how difficult this must be for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Vineeth was such a kind and gentle person. He was friendly and nice to everyone. Although no words can console you at this terrible time, we hope you can find peace and comfort in God. May God bless you and your family during this time and always!
Sam & Suni, Houston

We wanted to let you and Lissy know that our thoughts and prayers are with you both during this time of inexpressible sorrow. We vividly recall Vineeth’s gentle and good soul illumining the room during our time together during the Christmas holidays. The beauty in the world is diminished with his passing.
But it is our hope that, over time, God will lead you both to a place of peace and understanding, for He promises a joyful and divine mystery will follow – after death comes new life.
Clement of Rome reminds us “how the Ruler is continually displaying the resurrection that will be … day and night show us a resurrection; the night goes to sleep, the day rises: the day departs, night comes on. Let us take the crops. The sower went out and cast each of his seeds into the ground. These fall dry and bare on to the ground and decay. Then from the decay the mightiness of the Ruler’s providence raises them up, and many grow from the one and bear fruit."
May you be sustained by the true hope that something wonderful awaits – not just for Vineeth, but also for you both – beyond this time of darkness.
With all our love and concern,
Joe and Jessie, Washington DC

I just heard about your son, and just pray that it's not true. I'm at a loss for words. I simply pray for you and your family. May God comfort you!

I heard the news and I want to offer my deepest condolences. I am remembering you and your family in my prayers. I trust God will strengthen you to bear this pain. If there is anything more I can do, please let me know.
Krupa Daniel, New York


I hope you can receive my message soon. What a sad news we read on a big note on the office counter at Lewis Elem!
Everybody was shocked to learn about the departure of your most beloved son, to the present of the lord. It is so hard to try to accept something impossible to believe. We try to learn about this tragic situation in your family, but really … it has been not possible to know, or have a direct message from our colleagues or people around us.
Our only lord, Jesus, will be always by your side, throughout the most terrible storm in your life. I wish, I have better English to express my deep sympathy to you. I have been praying fervently for you, and your dear wife. The only thing I learned was that you went to India immediately.
I am praying for you all very fervently and constantly. May the most high give you the strength to be able to make it through this dark tunnel that you went at this moment. The holy word of god, the peace of the Holy Spirit, the power of the holy name of Jesus, the virtue of the blood of the Lamb of God, be upon you. And, the ministry of the holy angels be real to you, right now. Blessed be the name of our lord!
My friend, please! Find refuge in the lord Jesus only…really, no one can take care of you, but him at this hour. We, at Lewis elem. are lamenting your broken mourning heart. These sincere words are coming with real love from my heart to you…shalom!!! “St. Jude, verse two” the bible
With the love of Jesus…my good friend!
Mr. Rafael Suarez , Houston

I have no words to console you on this sad occasion. Mammen achen informed me and I got very very shocked. My son is 23 years old also. I fully understand your feelings, and I am going through that feelings myself. My prayers are there for your family at this time. I pray that your family will recover from this shock with God's grace.
Cicily Sunny, New York


Very sorry to hear the sad news about the passing away of the only son (college student) of Mr. John Kunnathu, Houston. Mr. John is the founder of GSC, was a very close associate of HG Dr. Paulose Mar Gregoriose (of blessed memory) and trying to propagate the teachings of Thirumeni through GSC. Requests everyone to remember them in prayers.
Let us together earnestly pray for the departed soul as well as for the sorrowing family. Let us reassure John and Family that the whole Indian Orthodox Community is with them during this tough time.
George Abraham, Abu Dhabi

May the comfort of God's holy angels come to you and all your loved in this time of grief! May your son, Vineeth, of this world be held in the bosom of Christ in His abundant mercy forever! Is there anything I may be able to do for you and your family? Your son and your family are being held in prayer. May your journey with him to India be guided and guarded by angels and may your return be safe.
Your servant and your friend,
Fr John Brian, Wisconsin

Your brother was here to tell me of the sad news. I am really sorry. I hope God will give you strength to take it. Your wife must be feeling terrible as she was away. I am also sorry that I can not be in Kollam as the Managing Committee is scheduled for 14th and I have to leave that afternoon to Chennai. But my prayers on behalf of your son and the whole family is before our God. May God comfort you with his mercy.
Love and prayers.
Meletius Thirumeni, trichur


We are very sorry to hear about the tragedy you have faced in your life. Our prayers are with you my dear friend. May God bless you with his abundant peace to overcome this crucial time in your life! You are going through a test like Prophet Job and I have no doubt that you will surpass this test. I am looking the net to find your phone number and I will phone you if I can find it. May God bless the soul of your son! Yesterday I was hearing a sermon of my brother when he was in the US recently. There is no death for a Christian. A Christian is travelling from Eternity to Eternity. Our life on this earth is a passing phase. If Jesus is eternal; those who are eating from his body and drinking from his blood is eternal too. I pray that your son's memory be a strength to you to continue the good work you were doing. With prayers for you and your family.
Ronnie Daniel, Toronto, Canada

The untimely and quite unexpected demise of your beloved Son is really shocking and painful. The great loss to your family, Church and society is highly regretted. I understand that Lizy is on vacation in India right now. May God Almighty embrace you and keep you in His hands.

We cannot find any reason for the tragedy other than the wish and will of God Almighty, the sole owner of the Garden from where this unique and odoriferous flower was plucked and kept with Him. May God Almighty strengthen our beloved brother John Kunnathu and Lizy to bear the loss. Earnest and continuous prayers are offered to Lord God to grant
you courage, strength and hope to withstand now and in the future. May our Lord God keep the departed soul in the laps of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and enable all of us to meet him on the right hand side of our Savior on His second coming.

With lots of love and prayers
yours in Christ Jesus,
Jose Kurian Puliyeril.

This is Yohannan Sankarathil Cor-Episcopa & Elcy Yohannan from New York. We are so sad in the demise of the precious jewel of your life, we have no words to console you, may God Almighty give you strength and peace in this crucial time. We had called you twice in the last couple of days, nobody picked up the phone. We got the news only this Thursday, we were shocked. We'll call you after a few days,
With love and prayers,
Yohannan Sankarathil Cor-Episcopa & family, NY.

I read that your only son passed away accidentally. I don't know the details. I know the details are unimportant but as a good friend of yours, I want to share your sorrow by carrying you and your family in our humble prayers. May the Lord give you peace and consolation at this tough time. I can't just imagine the pain at heart for you and family. Initially it raises a lot of imbalance in the mind. But I am sure as the prayers are pouring in you will see the presence of the everliving Lord. He will assist you to take away your tears. Most lovingly,
M.K. Kuriakosachan.

At Present I have no words. Only few drops of tears for our son. May the Holy Spirit strengthen you both.

with prayers and tears
Moni kallepparambil, Saudi Arabia

Dear John, I am not sure whether you will open the mail in the immediate future or not. Yet I am mailing as I don't have your phone number with me right now.
My nephew Ajayan (Paul) (in Houston) informed my wife about the tragedy and she passed on the news to me. I am away in Tellichery in connection with the peace work we are doing there.
John, I can imagine the terrible wrench you are feeling, how distraught you might be ! In fact, I have no words either to console you or to convey my sorrow to you. All I feel equal to is to let you know that my wife and I will be among the many who will be praying for you and your wife.
I am reminded of Gandhiji's words : "God's ways are more than human arithmetic". God decides for us; we accept and follow. What else? Let God give you both enough strength to bear the loss/cross.
Your brother, M.P.Mathai.

I was shocked and distressed to learn of your son's demise. My prayers are with you, your wife and your family at this hour of grief. Losing a child is one of the hardest blows on the psyche of parents. Words of comfort or condolences are too difficult to compose much less convey. May the good Lord give you, your wife and other members of your family the steadfastness of faith which alone can be used as a means to accept it as the will of God.

Though we have never met, it seems as though I know you and your family well enough to send you this note of sincere condolence. Again, our prayers are with you.

If you want me to handle for a while a review of the messages on your site, please let me know. I will be glad to relieve you of that chore, until you get back. Please let me know.

C. Alex Alexander, M.D.

We were shocked to hear about the passing away of Vineeth. Kindly accept our heart felt condolences. You and Lissy aunty have been in our prayers since that day. We are praying that He gives you the strength and grace to pass through these trying days. May the soul enter into peace with the Creator! I was happy that I could at least speak to you the other day, but I was equally dumbfounded by the enormity of the situation. I don't think it’s proper to write anymore than this. Kindly let me know if there's anything that we can do. I can call you up once you are in Kerala, if you can give me a contact number. "The trials of the righteous are many, but the Lord delivers him from them all"
Ruben Jacob


Sorry to hear the untimely demise of your son. We know no words can console such a tragedy. Only the divine consolation can render peace at this hour. We join you in your sorrow as a part of the family. We pray to the Almighty Father to give you strength to bear this huge loss. Let the intercession of the saints help you to bear this loss.
And we pray for the departed soul.
With Prayers.
Cherian Thomas, Mysore

We heard about the tragedy in your life with shock. I know no words will console you at this time and the only thing we can do is pray for you and your family. May God give you the strength to endure these tough times.
Prayers, Rajesh Vargheese

I heard the sad news of the passing away of Vineeth, I can very well imagine your state of mind. All the words that are in my vocabulary are not capable of comforting your mind. I am not in a position to drive too far. Otherwise I would have come to your house to share your sorrow. I will keep you and your wife in my prayers. May God Almighty comfort and console you and grant good remembrance and peace to the departed soul.
Fr. Thomas Itty

I am really shocked to hear the news. My heart almost sank when I heard this news. What happened? Was it an accident? I Pray that May God Almighty give you and aunty the strength and courage to bear this great loss. My heartfelt condolences at this incredible loss.
Aju Jacob


Only God can console you, brother. Who can predict His ways? We can pray only. May His mercy be with you. We convey our condolence
Johnson & family

My heart-felt condolences. We have neither met in person nor had a telephone conversation but still came to know each other through GSC, email and the Internet. I can relate to the pain you are feeling as I too have an only daughter. There are no words to console you. May our Lord bestow you with the courage and strength during this time of crisis. I will be remembering you and your family in my prayers.
Thanks & Regards
Cherry Cherian, New Zealand

It is with much shock and disbelief that I read the news about the untimely passing away of your son, Vineeth. I don't have words to console you and only can pray to our Almighty Lord to give heavenly peace to you and your family.

John, even though we never met in our lives so far, you are like my older brother. So I again pray to our dear Lord to give you and your family strength and courage to pass through these troubled times.

With prayers,


I came to know about the sad news of the great loss today from the posting in ICON. There is no word for me to console you as this is an unbearable for any. I pray to God to give courage to you and family in this trying time of your family.

If you wish so, we will publish a memorial page with fondly remembering Vineeth, in LOL next issue. Please let me know after you come back to USA.

With Prayers
Rajan Mathew


I am very sorrowed by the sudden news. I have no words to comfort you at this difficult situation. I only pray God Almighty to give you and your family the strength; and courage to handle this painful situation. Me and my family remember you in our prayers.
Koshy p. John & family.

I spoke to Coorilos thirumeni yesterday. He wanted to know about the burial date. Unfortunately he is out of the country from today onwards. He has asked me to convey his condolences to you and aunty. He was also quite shocked when he heard the news. Kindly accept his condolences. I also wanted to come to Kerala for the burial, but I have to leave for Delhi today morning and will be back only later next week. We are all praying for you and aunty and all the close ones.

Ruben Jacob

To hear this is heartbreaking. There are no words, but only a prayer for your precious family. God is with you all. Human mind with its reasoning cannot understand death to be a gate to life, as Christ once and for all has made it, but the faith shall slowly work with the Holy Spirit... in prayer all together are connected in God.
I pray for you and your son.

Tiina Malinen, Finland

I was a bit late know about the demise of your Beloved Son Vineeth. May God guide you and your family through all tough times. Special prayers for the your son Vineeth. I haven't met Vineeth but I me take this opportunity to remember all those good things Vineeth have done to his family his near and dear ones, to the Church and to the Society. His service will be answered in Heaven. Once again heart felt condolences.
Special Prayers form
Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Team

I just turned on the GSC website. I just can't believe what I read about your son. I am really shocked. Is it true? Or am I in a state of denial? Assuming that it might be true I am going to observe a personal prayer vigil for your son and for you and Mrs. John. I have no words to respond to this tragedy. May the Lord give you whatever strength you both need at this time.

Love and Blessings,
(Joseph Thomas)

No words can console you and your wife and family and your dear ones at this permanent estrangement of your beloved son from your earthly life. The more you are attached, the more pain you will have. There is nothing permanent in this life! What we can do is to pray to Almighty, as a part of the body of Christ, to keep the soul of your beloved son in
Peace! Let us ask your son also to pray for us! John, please let us share your great grief! May the good God console you, young father and mother! Look forward with hope and belief. That is the Christian duty! The rest is the job of Christ!
Dr. Eapen Cherian

Am shocked to hear about the tragedy that has overtaken you. Nothing I say can be of much help to you at such a moment, but I am sure all of us in this group would like to share your grief and to help lighten your burden in whatever way we can. My own mind tends to recall the Buddhist and African response to such a situation: the past doesn't just cease to exist; it remains alive in the memory of those who witnessed it, and it is only slowly that it fades into collective memory.


C. K. Raju

I am not sure what to write now. I had been getting some updates from ICON about your journey to India.
I just want to let you know that both of you and Vineeth are in our prayers. The loss you have gone through is inconsolable but let me tell you that it can happen to anyone and there are lot more this kind of incidents than we know of.
I am sure your deep spirituality will take you through this journey of life which is very tough for few (think of Christ's suffering), and time will heal your heart.
Do know that friends are there for you to lean on and share your grief with.
With sincere sympathy and love
Raji and family.

We heard the sad news. We can understand the pain and anguish you both are going through. No amount of consolation can alleviate your sorrow. However, we can be confident that he is in good hands and that one day we can join him in His presence. We pray to our God, Almighty, to give you both the courage and strength to pass this difficult time.

We know that you both are people of deep faith. As our God tested Abraham, He is testing your faith. Hold on to Him; he will not forsake you, He will carry you when you tired; console you when you are sad and will give you strength.

We want to come to Houston and visit you. Please let us know if it is okay with you.

With prayers;

Kuriakose, Soma, Dinu, Sandeep, Anju & Anu

I am writing this with deep sadness and prayerfully sharing your untold pain these days. I feel guilty that I didn't know about the passing away of our beloved Vineeth.( Since I am not often following group mails, I missed this news, and later when everything was over I got a call from a friend. Then I called you at home, but apparently you had left for the US.)
I remember meeting the little Vineeth when I visited you in 1998. John, I have no adequate word for both of you at this time of grief and bereavement. Trusting deeply in the love of our Saviour, I just want to put down my favourite words form St Paul regarding our beloved departed ones when he writes to the Colossians: "...You have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ your Life is revealed, then you also will be revealed with him in glory" (3:3).
John I keep both of you and our dear Vineeth in my heart as i stand before the presence of our Lord. Our sense of being one body with our Lord and with all his saints certainly gives us a new perspective of trust and hope. May the Holy Spirit of God comfort you and keep you close to the loving heart of Jesus, our life.- with love and prayers-
k m george achen
Fr. Dr. K. M. George, Kottayam

A real shock. Heart felt condolence to dear john and family.
Yesudasan, Detroit.

I have no words to console you. I know that Vineeth is your only child and the apple of your eye. Why do these things happen? I do not know, and I think there are noreasons that are comprehensible to us. Job asked God 'Why? Why me?'But God did not answer for quite some time and in the meanwhile, thehumans around him could not comfort him either. I know that my wordsare as meaningless as those of Job's friends. When God answered, He did not give any reasons. But Job was silenced and comforted. I pray that He will comfort you. Dear John and Lizzy, please accept our heartfelt condolences and be assured of our prayers.
With love and prayers
Susan Eapen, Bangalore

We received the news of your son's demise with deep sorrow. A young man at theprime of his life has been called back to his eternal home by God Almighty. Itwill be an irreparable loss to you and your family. But you being an ardentbeliever in our Lord's ways can decipher the divine purpose behind it.We condole your loss deeply. May God Almighty be your strength and fort.
Prof. John Mathew Koodarathil, Senior Vice President, MGOCSM, Kottayam.

Heartfelt condolences. Only today I came to know about the untimely andunexpected passing away of your one and only son, Vineeth. I really do notknow how to console you. Death of our loved ones is always a difficult reality to accept, but our Christian faith gives us strength to bear such losses and to accept thetruth. You very well know that the one who has given us life has the fullauthority to take it back too. Believe that these tests and problems are tomake us mentally more strong. He will make us to go through these trials,but He will not make us suffer. As you know life is a strict and toughteacher and the difference is, teacher teaches a lesson first and takes theexam, but life takes the exam first and teaches the lesson.
Just quoting some of the Bible verses which you might have read severaltimes before, but will find it different when you read it this time.
"I have summoned you by name, you are mine. When you pass through thewaters, I will be with you. And when you pass through the rivers, they willnot sweep over you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, yourSavior." Isaiah 43:2
"Fear not I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God, for I willstrengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you". Isaiah 41: 10
"For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand it is I who say to you,:Fear not I will help you" Isaiah 4: 13
Praying that let Vineeth's soul find rest in the bosom of Abraham, Issac andJacob. Also praying to grant you strength to bear this unexpected loss. With heartfelt condolences and sincere prayers,
Mrs. Sabu George, Mumbai

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family at this difficult time. We allpray to God to provide you with strength and grace to overcome this tragedy. May your son's soul rest in peace!
With prayers,
Abey Tharian & family, NJ.

Our heartfelt condolence to you & to your fly members. I can understand the painu are going through, now. I had gone through the same pain, when God took away myonly son, Bibin, 19 years, 3rd semester computer engg. student, on 26th Oct.2007.I still believe, God has big programmes for our children in HIS KINGDOM andhence they have been taken away from our hands. He just gave to us to take careof them for this much period only. Let us all pray and be with God Almighty, sothat our children will be happy at their present Kingdom of God. My son used tosay-SMILE AND TRY YOUR BEST TO MAKE OTHERS SMILE & MAKE THIS WORLD A PLACE OF HAPPINESS, LOVE &JOY. NOTHING CAN FILL THE GAP THEY HAVE LEFT IN US, LET US ALL SHARE OUR FEELINGS AND BE TOGETHER IN PRAYER.
With lots of love & prayer,
Babu Kalanjoorkol,

I don't know how to console you, because words fail me. But let me quote a wordfrom the mouth of our Lord Jesus: "Do not be worried and upset. Believe in Godand believe also in me. There are many rooms in my Father's house, and I amgoing to prepare a place for you. I would not tell you this if it were notso....." I pray to the loving God to put your child in a prime place inparadise. May his soul grow there spiritually! May the peace of God, whichsurpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus!With love and prayers,
Your loving,
George achen, Ireland.

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family at this great loss trying time.We all pray to God to provide you with strength and grace to overcome thistragedy. May your son's soul rest in peace.
With prayers,
Prof. Joseph Alexander

My heartfelt condolences to John Kunnathu & family. May God Almighty give youcourage and strength at this time of unbearable loss. May the departed soulrest in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.
Philip Ayyamplackal, Auckland

It was with great shock that I heard the news of the death of the only son ofJohn Kunnathu. My hear weeps with both of John and his wife at the time of thisterrible tragedy. I met John some 3 years ago at the Old Seminary at Kottayam when he stated that he had brought his son with him with the purpose of introducing him to Keralaculture. We compared notes last year again when I learnt of the eye surgery hisson was about to undergo. Only the Merciful God is able to console the grievingparents and give them strength to go forward.
Willy John Daniel, Melbourne, Australia.

My heartfelt condolence to your family. May God give you the strength to bearthe loss.
Anney Johnson

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family at this great loss trying time. We all pray to God to provide you with strength and grace to overcomethis tragedy. May your son's soul rest in peace.
With prayers,
Chev. Thomas Daniel (Reji) & Family Cheppaud

Mr John Kunnathu, accompanied by his cousin Mr John Chandapillai, left forIndia from Dubai today (13th May) at 3.00PM along with the mortal remains ofLate Vineeth John, his only son. He was visited by the SGOS Dubai team & ICON well wishers yesterday. Rev.Dr. Aju Abraham (Vicar St Gregorios Church, Jebel Ali) led the prayers.
SGOS Dubai President Dr Vinu Thomas, Secretary Mr V.I. Thomas, Treasurer Mr P.J.Thomas (Roy), Mr & Mrs Jose John, Mrs. Bessy Babu Kurian, M/s Thomas Paul(Ex Sabha Managing Committee Member), Abraham Varghese(Ex Diocesan CouncilMember), Reji Mathew(Committee Member)and others offered condolences.Mr. Kunnathu was able to attend the Holy Qurbana and receive the HolyMysteries today morning at the St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral. There wasIncense prayer (Dhoopaprarthana) for the deceased after the Holy Qurbana ledby Rev Fr. P.K.Thomas(Vicar) and assisted by Rev Fr. Pathrose Joy (AsstVicar). Mr Bijili (Ex Bangalore MGOCSM), Mr and Mrs Joji Jose Kurian, MrJose Varghese (Halliburton) and a number of internet friends andacquaintances attended and condoled the bereaved father. Respected ThomasAchen was kind enough to spend some time with him which would havedefinitely given him much relief and comfort. Let us all pray earnestly forthe departed soul to get eternal peace at the bosom of Abraham, Isaac andJacob. By the Grace of God, Mr Kunnathu has been trying his best so far toshow a brave face. Please keep on continuing with your prayers, especiallythat this is the crucial time when he and his family need our prayersupport.Please find here below excerpts from some of the Essays written earlier byMr John Kunnathu.
Anything that exists within time limit must have a beginning and an end, birth and death. Only God exists beyond time limit, and so God has no birthor death. Therefore, death is natural for anything that is not God. Deathmust be a dreadful monster for those who know only this much. But this isonly one half of the truth. The other half of the truth is about therelationship between God, the deathless being, and all that die. Theuniverse exists within God, the deathless being. As nothing in the universeexists apart from God, birth and death are only appearances. In reality, wehave no birth or death, for we are one with God. As Jesus knew this truth,death, which is a dreadful serpent for others, was only a toy snake for him.But there is another kind of death, which indeed is a dreadful monster. Itis our separation from God, the source of all life. It is not a toy snake,but a real one. Jesus killed this monster by being totally one with God----------------------------
St. Paul makes a distinction between the fruits and gifts of the spirit.Gifts are means; fruits are the goal. All the skills are the gifts of God tohelp us attain the fruits of the spirit such as love, joy, and peace.The three things-faith, hope, and love-are different from the gifts inanother important way. All people need faith, hope, and love in order tolive in this world, whereas, only a few people possess the gifts mentionedabove. They are the basic necessities of all conscious beings-perhaps evenmore basic than air, water, and food. It can be argued that those who havepassed on to the other dimension do not need air, water, and food tosurvive; however, even they cannot survive without faith, hope, and love.In short, life is a mystery. Its mastery depends upon how we react to itsmysteriousness: negatively or positively.
With prayers,
Babu Kurian Puliyeril, Dubai
From the Desk of Moderators: Let us continue to remember Late Vineeth John and his parents, family members and close relations in our prayers during this hour of crisis.We take this opportunity to convey our gratitude to our senior member Mr.Babu Kurian Puliyeril (Dubai) and other friends for the lead and initiativetaken for organizing the prayer etc on behalf of the Indian OrthodoxCommunity in Dubai, after hearing the sad news about the passing away ofbeloved Vineeth (Houston) through ICON. He took the flight/transitparticulars from the Airlines in advance and located Mr. John at the hotel.We understand that none of the friends (including Babu Kurien) gathered forthe prayer etc were known to John Kunnathu in person except throughInternet. We also thank Fr. Aju Abraham, Fr. P.K.Thomas and Fr. Pathrose Joyof Dubai for finding time to be part of the ICON/SGOS family on this sadoccasion.

I read the news about the loss of your only son. My heartfelt condolences.I and my wife went through the same trauma 20 years ago when we lost our onlyson who was a brilliant student at the age of 14 due to suspected brainaneurysm. I can therefore well understand how you both feel. It is very difficult to adjust to the situation. But our belief in God carried us through all these years. It also changed my outlook in life and made me a more caring person. What is needed is to live the life normally keeping the sorrow in our hearts. When people query me about our children I say that I have no children instead of going into the details. May be God has other plans for you. I and my wife got involved with the work at Yacharam Balagram which gave us a lot of comfort. I am sure you will also find something like that. As I said live the life normally. People will comment how you can be normal and enjoy life when you have gone through such a tragedy. It is difficult; but it is possible. A lot of people will be there to comfort you initially. But you will be alone after some time. That is the difficult period. Only your belief and mental strength can carry you through this period.When I wrote in one of the news papers about my tragedy a lot of readers wroteto me. Some of the letters I got from readers about their tragedies and how they came out of it gave me a lot of support. Nobody can understand well how both of you feel. Only you both can help yourselves. God will help you. Believe me. I know it.
Isaac Thomas, Hyderabad

We offer Special Prayers for Mr. John Kunnathu and family on the demise of their beloved son Vineeth. May God guide them in all tough situations. Let's remember Vineeth for all those good things he has done for the Church and the society.Heartfelt condolences from Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Team.
George Alexander, Chairman, Orthodoxy Beyond Limits Forum

Job.9;12 He takes what He wants, and no one can stop Him. No one dares ask Him,"What are you doing?" JESUS SAID, LET YOUR HEART NOT BE TROUBLED.Heartfelt Condolences,
Fr. Kurien Daniel

A grieving but very composed Mr.John Kunnathu had a very unexpectedbut divinely soothing encounter when the group of Orthodox faithfulmen and women, thanks to ICON and SGOS, led by Rev.Fr.Aju Abrahamdescended into his presence in Dubai, where he was on transit with themortal remains of his beloved son Vineeth. At the end of prayers andconveying of condolences, Mr.John Kunnathu, moved by the presence ofpraying and condoling faithful declared 'now all the children in theOrthodox Church are going to be my children. I will indeed endeavour topass on to them my experiences with my departed son Vineeth to theirbenefit and spiritual well being'. It has been a real blessing to outreach to Mr. John Kunnathu in his moment of sorrow which touched him immensely. It was God himselfreaching out to him through his Church and faithful and saying 'mybeloved son, I do care'. Let us spare no opportunity to outreach to our brethren not only attimes of intense sorrow but also continuously in the rest of theirbereaving life.
Dr.Vinu Thomas, Dubai.

Recent tragedy in the family of John Kunnathu touched the hearts of many ICONmembers. Our words of comfort will not eliminate the grief but will minimize theintensity of bereavement to an extent. Moreover, this showed that we are onefamily and the tragedy of anyone in this family will cause pain to one and allin this group. Nobody can easily comprehend the pain John and family go through.However, a person like John, who will walk through this, can contribute more toprepare people facing such tragedies to face the ordeal with more faith andcourage, an excerpt from his own experience. Losing the only son isunimaginable. But when it turns out as a reality, the whole world is upside downfor the affected family. To walk through this people need help. Professionalcounselors may not be of help in every situation. However, people speaking fromexperience will always make difference. I have a request to John. Do not giveup. You can make a difference. Recently an article published in the New York Times showed the grief of people in China. The central rule of ˜One child per family" in that country left several villages instantly with childless parents by the earthquake! Stories ofpeople comforting each other while their only child is lost under the rubbleswas heartbreaking. However, their solidarity and willingness to help others evenwhen they have experienced the same tragedy was touching. In one part of thecountry people are very excited and working enthusiastically to host theOlympics and on the other part people are stranded with devastation caused bynatural calamity. On one side people are cheering with joy and on the other sidethe echo of screaming and waves ofĂ‚ lamentations reverberates to the sky. Faithin God is the only aspect which can give consolation. Prayers and words ofcomfort will help.
Babu Parackel, New York

It was very shocking to hear the sad demise of you beloved son, wejoin with you to share the unbearable heavy lose. We pray to theAlmighty to give strength and courage to your family members and dearones to face this extremely sad occasion. It is indeed verydifficult to fill the gap created by his sudden death. Our deepestheart- felt condolences to your families and our prayer will always bewith you. May his soul rest in peace. May God Bless you.
With sincerest sympathies,
Abraham Varghese-Dubai

I believe that God who has already given you so much strength will hold onto you and take care of you during hard and tough moments ahead. As we we areall pilgrims on this earth, we all will have to go one day. It is hard toaccept that he went ahead of you. I understand your pain in the same measurebecause I also have a son 23 years old. Accepting God's will is one way ofloving Him. Vineeth was under your foster care for 23 years, but now he isunder the care of his Heavenly Father where he enjoys eternal bliss. If theyare happy in heaven, our tears on this earth are in vain, but our prayers willbe much useful to him. Reminding you of how Abraham and Job accepted God'swill, praying for you, Lizy, and Vineeth, expressing my heartfelt comdolence,and sharing sorrows with you,
Cicily Sunny, St. George Orthodox Church, Staten Island, NY

Kindly accept our Heartfelt condolences. We pray to our Lord GOD Almighty to give you and your family strength, courage and grace to overcome this tragedy.May the soul of your departed son rest in peace and praise the Lord in paradise. Pray for all ever & ever with love
Raju Baby Thaluvachira & Family, Mehsana, Gujarat.

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